Social Media Tools

There are many different tools out there that are used in social media and are put in place to make social media sites easier to monitor and more efficient.  I am no pro when it comes to social media and tools that are used in social media, but I have heard of a few that are interesting and offer easier access to information and even offer great statistics about your pages.  The two tools that I will discuss in this blog are: Facebook Insights and HootSuite.

Facebook Insights

Facebook insights are a tool that is relatively new to the social media site and was just introduced this year.  This tool allows Facebook users to see who is viewing their pages and also how much time the viewer is spending on different sections of their pages.  This is a great tool for businesses and organizations to use in order to know what on their page is most seen and what they might need to change to make other parts of the page more noticeable or to get the audience to spend more time on that section.  This is a great tool to use when marketing your organization or business through Facebook.  It seems as though many organizations are starting to have Facebook pages, but some are not very effective and appealing to the eye.  I have been on some companies Facebook pages and found it very difficult to obtain information and it was not set up very well.  Facebook insights will show the business page owner what parts are most visited and then allow them to work on the page to better their views and viewing time.


HootSuite is another social media tool that is becoming popular.  This tool allows for a user to see all of their social media sites in one place and they can keep track of comments, tweets, pins, etc.  The page owners are able to post something to multiple social media sites from one place and reach out to many people at once.  This is a great marketing tool and allows for the user to schedule posts in advance.  This allows them to do the work ahead of time and not have to worry about going back later to make the post.

Both Facebook Insights and HootSuite are growing social media tools.  They were both put in place to help the user and make their pages better and easier to use.  Although each tool has its own uniqueness, they are both social media tools that can be very helpful to organizations if used correctly.


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2 thoughts on “Social Media Tools

  1. I really enjoyed this blog post and I thank you for sharing! I had no idea that Facebook insights was telling people how long their visitors were spending on the site and what they were looking at while on the facebook page! What value information! If you were to track it you as a company owner would have a better understanding as to what your viewers wanted to see and when they were looking (as to what time they were looking at –maybe more in the afternoon vs. the morning) great post!

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